June 6 & 7 – GeekOut (Asheville, NC)

This was the third year that Geekout was hosted at the Sherrill Center on the beautiful campus of UNCA Asheville. It was a relatively laid back and mellow con, but there was lots of fun and catching up amongst the Carolina Garrison. There was a nice selection of vendors, panels and events throughout the day and lots of families and fans of the 501st to converse with. Overall, a fun 2 day event in Asheville, NC.

Troopers present:
Jordan Leitner: TI-24138
Darron Postell: TK-8236
Cheralyn Lambeth: TK-976
Sean Coughlin: TI-9014

Table Duty/Handlers:
Anthony Conte: TI-28803
Sharron Postell: ID-8239


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