Registration is required to access members-only features of the site. Members-only features include:

Garrison Events
Mission Reports

In addition to accessing the events and reports registered users have the ability to add photos to Mission Reports.

Please note that we have decommissioned the original site at Those forums have been archived at

When registering for the site you can enter whatever you want as your Display Name. This is also your username. (This cannot be changed).

Under Affliations please check all groups of which you are a member. When you check a group that text will be populated in the TK/Affiliate ID below. Please add your identifier after the hyphen.

501st URL: Obviously if you are part of an affiliate group or handler you will not beed to enter this information.

While birthday and join date are required, if you are on mobile and do not wish to scroll through everything you can come back later and fill it in via keyboard input.