June 5 – Nighttime At The Museum (Charleston, SC)

Members of the Carolina Garrison teamed up with the Charleston Museum (America’s First Museum) for their Nighttime at the Museum event. This 2-hour event featured children and families going through the museum with flashlights. The event was similar to the film, Night at the Museum where everything in the museum comes to life. Children of all ages roamed the dark museum interacting with costumed re-enactors, special displays, an exciting scavenger hunt, crafts, and fun demonstrations. This was a special after-hours event and was also catered by Domino’s PIzza as well as two local Charleston eateries: Verde Salads and Wholly Cow ice cream.

Members of the Carolina Garrison set up a small table display showcasing trading cards, helmets, lightsaber / blaster props & brochures. We had a great location at the top of the stairs on the second floor of the museum and the event attendees seemed to really enjoy interacting with beloved characters from Star Wars during the evening. The scavenger hunt also had questions that the children had to ask and we had to give them the answer before they could move on to the next spot.

501st Members in Attendance:
1) Brad Lee (Tie Pilot)
2) Jason Boyd (Sandtrooper)
3) Rusty Myers (ESB Stormtrooper)

Rebel Legion in Attendance:
1) Brad Butler (X-Wing Pilot)

Mandalorian Mercs in Attendance:
1) Chris Gould

R2 Builders Club in Attendance:
1) Edward Reed & R2D2

Handler / Wrangler:
1) JP Morgan


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