June 12-Chapel Hill Library Summer Reading Kickoff (Chapel Hill, NC)

On June 12, 2015, the Carolina Garrison was requested to provide an Imperial presence for the purpose of rounding up Rebels in Chapel Hill, NC. TK2298 and TK896 accepted this assignment and were able to apprehend a variety of rebel scum. While patroling, the troopers kept up good relations with the bystanders by taking photos and participating in various activities such as “thumb wrestling”.

The personnel responsible for the Chapel Hill Public Library seemed satisfied with the security provided by Lord Vaders finest.

Quote from library staff,
Thank you so much for sweating through 4 hours of Summer Reading Kickoff, and being so awesome with all our party-goers. I loved seeing the expression on the kids’ faces when they caught sight of you. You turned a “good” party into a GREAT one.

Troopers attending:
TK2298 – Seth Bosecker ( and sons, ewok and padawan)
TK896 – Jim Epps


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