June 13 – Disney’s Star Wars Weekend Parade (Walt Disney World, FL)

The Florida Garrison and RaKura Base welcomed over 170 members from Alpine Garrison, Bast Alpha Garrison, Bloodfin Garrison, Carolina Garrison, Central Garrison, Garrison Carida, Georgia Garrison, Great Lakes Garrison, Mid-South Garrison, Midwest Garrison, Mountain Garrison, Neon City Garrison, Old Line Garrison, Star Garrison, Alderaan Base, Bespin Base, Corellian Base, Kessel Base, and Sunrider Base to Star Wars Weekends.

As always we would like to thank Disney for the opportunity to participate in this grand event, and to the Florida Garrison support staff that takes care of us before, during, and after the parades. Without them, Star Wars Weekends would not be possible.

The Star Wars Weekends takes place 5 consecutive weekends beginning in May and ending in June. Three members of the Carolina Garrison (Anthony Conte, Matt Mascorro & Jason Boyd) marched together on Saturday, June 13. What a great time it was. A spectacle in front and behind-the-scenes at Hollywood Studios. I know for one I will never forget the experience as well as making new friends in the Florida Garrison and Tampa Bay Squad in particular.

One moment we were proud to be a part of was being present during the Honorary Member Induction of Taylor Gray (voice of Ezra Bridger on Star Wars Rebels) into the 501st Legion.

For those who have never done it, you begin the day by arriving 2 hours prior to the march time (11:00am) and lining up your armor bins for the K9 dogs to sniff before we are allowed to bring them backstage. Meanwhile, we sign in, pickup any exclusive pre-ordered 501st Merchandise, pickup our backstage badges and wait for the morning 501st announcements.



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