Dec. 19 – Swamp Rabbits Hockey Game (Greenville, SC)

The Well (Formerly the Bi Lo Center) in Greenville had us back again this year for their annual Star Wars night at the hockey game. Had a great time last night. With all the number of events this past week/weekend, it ended up being just me and Rob who were both in TK gear. The arena did a great job and incorporated us in all their time out breaks and in between period events. We got to do T shirt tosses, meet and greets, phot ops, trivia time and ride around on the ice on a UTV throwing out shirts. They will do this again next year and will let us know as early as possible and I can get it up here for people to sign up for.
Garrison Troopers Attending:
1. Matt Fussell – TK
2. Rob Sosebee – TK
1. Mike & Tammy Heisler

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