Dec. 19 – CSO Annual Holiday Pops Concert (Charleston, SC)

The Charleston Symphony Orchestra was holding their annual Holiday Pops show at the newly rebuilt and reopened Gaillard Center (previously the Gaillard Auditorium) on the December 19th (coinciding with the opening weekend of Star Wars: The Force Awakens). The Holiday show featured many classic and traditional Christmas songs but during the event they paid tribute to Star Wars by playing a Star Wars Suite! The symphony played: Star Wars Main Title, Yoda’s Theme, Leia’s Theme, The Imperial March & The Throne Room / End Title. During the Star Wars Suite, the symphony had us participate / appear on stage and in the aisles, as well as make an appearance in the lobby during intermission.

Everything went pretty smooth as planned during the show and when we made our way into the lobby for intermission, we were mobbed by Symphony-goers trying to get a quick picture before they had to return to their seats. The house lights flashed repeatedly to signal the 2nd Act wanting to begin but I was told they had to hold the intermission 8-10 minutes longer than they normally do because people were busy with us and not returning to their seats. The stage directors had to move us all into a secluded hallway to allow folks to return to their seats so that the show could continue. Kind of funny.

It was a pretty full house. I was told that the 1800+ seat venue was only 100 tickets from being a sold out show.

Garrison Troopers Attending:
1. Jason Boyd (Sandtrooper)
2. Taylor Seay (Biker Scout)
3. Stuart Eaker (Imperial Gunner)
4. Chris Gould (Biker Scout)
5. Rusty Myers (ESB Stormtrooper)
6. JP Morgan (TIE Reserve)
7. Jamison Lewis (Imperial Gunner / visiting from Everglades Squad)

Crossover Attendees from the Rebel Legion/R2 Builders Club:
1. Jeffrey Lewis (ESB Han Solo – Blue Ridge Base/Rebel Legion)
2. Brad Butler (X-Wing Pilot / Graveyard Squadron CO – Blue Ridge Base – Rebel Legion)
3. Edward Reed / R2D2 (Friend of the Garrison / R2 Builders Club)
4. Caroline Boyd (Ewok Village Leia – Rebel Legion)
5. Ellen Myers (Endor Rebel – Rebel Legion)