Aug. 13 – Snead’s Ferry Shrimp Festival (Sneads Ferry, NC)

The Sneads Ferry Shrimp Festival is the Official Shrimp Festival of North Carolina. The purpose is to raise awareness for the local fishing community and raise funds for our local non profits and the continuation of our venue.

There was a line 3/10th of a mile long on the road going in (of people, not cars). People really love shrimp! A room at the Medical Station building was made available for changing and lots of water was provided. It was 92, humid and sunny but at times there was a nice breeze. My daughter, Lillian, came with me for my first solo troop and her first time as handler and photographer. She did great and of course, is counting the years until she can enlist. I estimate well over 1000 people were there, mostly families. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Couldn’t get very far before someone would rush over to get a picture with me. From princesses to politicians to first responders to hip senior citizens…I must have had my picture taken 500 times or more! Due to getting a concussion at work on Monday earlier this week and the hot temps, I called it quits after 4 hours. It was a great troop and I survived quite well!

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:
1. Mark Sinclair – TK

1. Lillian Sinclair

Shrimp01 Shrimp02 Shrimp03