Aug. 12 – Hickory Crawdads Star Wars Night (Hickory, NC)

It was hot and humid at the annual Hickory Crawdads Star Wars Night baseball game, but that didn’t stop members of the Carolina Garrison and Blue Ridge base from having an action packed evening. The game had a fantastic turnout and the Star Wars fans were there in full force. We were in demand from start to finish, barely having time to catch our breath and wipe the sweat from our buckets. Mid-game we went out on the field to help judge a children’s costume contest, where an awesome young Princess Leia won the hearts of the crowd. Another moment of awesomeness was when we were walking out to the field and the crowd started chanting “JAWA! JAWA! JAWA!”; obviously Tyler was a hit. Overall it was a great night, thanks to all the troopers that came out for this event!

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:
1. Jordan Leitner (TI-28803) – TI
2. Tyler Foster (DZ-71597) – Jawa
3. Mike Johnson (SL-9918) – Vader
4. Anthony Conte (TK-28803) – TK

1. Carrie Baris
2. Kerry Leitner

Crossover Attendees from the Rebel Legion / R2 Builders Club / Mando Mercs:
1. Jedi Will – Jedi
2.Michael Jarvis – Jedi

hickory01 hickory02