Sept. 9 – Not So Old Toys & Comics Grand Opening (Asheville, NC)

This troop was for Not So Old Toys & Comics opening event in Canton NC.
Justice the stores owner reached out to us to help with his grand opening that took place during the towns labor day parade.
Anthony and I arrived to a street full of people waiting for the event to start. We quickly suited up in the back of the store (This was a test fit for my now approved TK). We hung out inside and in front of the shop, kids and adults we happy to see us as they had no clue this was going on.
We trooped and took photos for 2 hours and Justice and his wife were so happy that we came out.

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:
1. Anthony Conte – TK
2. Jordan Leitner – TK

1. Kerry Leitner

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