Sept. 8 – ‘Weird’ AL Tour 2016 – Wilmington, NC

His Excellency of Weirdness and Nerd-dom – Weird Al – requested our presence the the Cape Fear Performing Arts Center to a near sold out capacity. We met in our designated dressing room, had rehearsals on stage with “Hawkeye” Weird Al’s stage manager and then retired to the auditorium to await our call time. Around 8:00 we began dressing for the show and met at the Stage Left door to await our mission. Escorted to the stage by Hawkeye, we were the encore back up for Al and the band, “dancing” to “We All Have Cell Phones” and “The Saga Begins”. Following the show we met to entertain the VIP Fans as we awaited Al to arrive for photos with them. Once complete, we had a meet and greet with Al, took photos, and suited down and traveled home. It was a great audience, amazing show and our stage presence turned out as awesome as I expected. Non-501st Members may be cool – but they’ll never be “Dancing on Stage with Weird Al dressed as a screen accurate Star Wars Villain to The Saga Begins Cool”…

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:
1.Jeff M – TD
2. Michael B – TS
3. Greg French – TI
4. Carlton – TK
5. Mark Sinclair TK
6. Brandon Robinson
7. Bill Lane – SL – Vader
8. Shanda – TK
9. Ron Toland – Royal Guard

1. Christine M
2. Joceyln
3. Therresa
4. Taylor Seay (Photo / Video)
5. Kelley and Eddi French