Nov. 3 – DanceFit for a New Heart (Charleston, SC)


St. Andrew’s Parks & Playground
1095 Playground Rd. Charleston, S.C. 29407

Description of Event (Please share as much info as you can):
This event is hosted by St. Andrew’s to help raise money for Kevin Walsh our Executive Director to receive a new heart.
There will be good vendors, jump castles, live entertainment and news crews on the scene.

Did this event support a charity?
Fundraiser for heart transplant for Kevin Walsh.

Event Length (Hours):
3 Hours

Indirect Funds Raised (Total money raised by event):
$1,700.00 raised for heart transplant for Kevin Walsh
$100.00 MAW donation to 501st Endowment

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:
1. Taylor S. (Kylo Ren)
2. Chris G. (Boba Fett)
3. James C. (HWT)