June 23 – 4th Annual Star Wars Festival (Greensboro, NC)

Date: June 23:

Location: Greensboro

Description of Event:
The 4th Annual Star Wars Festival at Hemphill Branch on Saturday, June 23th from 2pm to 4pm. Costumed characters and props from the Mandolorian Mercs and 501st Carolina Garrison, plus more. The day was filled with Star Wars crafts, games, trivia, free give aways and comics! Fun for all ages. Participants dressed as their favorite Star Wars character and joined the fun.

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:

1. “Ronto”: IOC (POC)
2. Barbara Sacchitello: IOC
3. Brad Mikulskis: Snowie
4. Joshua Wright: TK/MEPD
5. Jessica Wright: Legacy TK Stormtrooper
6. Kal Edly: ANH Vader
7. Chris McCanless: Tusken Raider
8. Brian Storey: Gunner
9. Nevada Storey: Biker Scout
10. Spencer McCoy: TK (ANH)
11. John Leppard: Gunner

1. Dana McCanless: photos and table credit–thank you!
2. Pam Greeson: table/handler/contest
3. Andrew Greeson: table/handler/contest
4. Piper Thamewolfe–Mando
5. Tobi Ryn–Mando

Crossover Attendees from the Rebel Legion / R2 Builders Club / Mando Mercs:(delete this section if not applicable)
1. Ramon Santiago: Handler (BIG TIME!): Mando/set up wall/POC. (THANK YOU!)
2. Mary Kate Roberts–MMCC-1
3. Jimmy McMasters–MMCC 2
4. Lucas Vaden–Mando
5. David Ross: Ulabore Sith Acolade (TDE=The Dark Empire)
6. Ian Raulston–Mando
7. Pam Greeson: Jedi (RL)