May 28 – Gravitopia Star Wars Theme Day (Greenville, SC)

The call went out to all rebels, Mandos and 501st members and was answered in a large force. We invaded Gravitopia with 14 charters total who signed up and then some extras guests who didn’t for its first Star Wars theme day. We greeted visitors, walked around business to interact with Jumpers as they jump their way to the Stars and even tried out the American ninja course.

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:
1. Matthew Cohen (TK-10835) Shock Trooper
2. Kirk DeWeil (SL-21370) ROTJ -Darth Vader
3. Kevin King (TB-9035) Biker Scout
4. John Wages(TI-50181
5. Andy Lane(TK-2775) Storm Trooper

1. Mason Cohen(TK-10835 Handler)
2. Grayson Deweil(imperial officer) (Galactic Academy)
3.Brendan Cohen (little-Kylo Ren))Galactic Academy)
4. Mike Heisler

Crossover Attendees from the Rebel Legion / R2 Builders Club / Mando Mercs:
1.Ashley Powell ( Sith Lord Acolyte)
2.Genesis Garza(Old Republic Jedi) (Rebel Legion)
3.Rebecca Berger( Princess Leia-ANH) (Rebel Legion)
4.Leann Lane (Admiral Akbar) and droid**
5.Kathleen Schreiner(Mando Merc)
6.Luke Kingsbury (Mando Merc)
7.Jessi Smith(Mara Jade)
8.Corey Smith(ROTJ- Luke Skywalker)