June 2 – Rogue One Under The Stars (Cary, NC)

This was our second year supporting the Wake Med Children’s hospital at this event. We fielded 17 characters at this event with help from Talon Clan and Blue Ridge Base. The organizers were thrilled and so was the crowd. My daughters made their debut appearances as Jawa and handler; special thanks to all that made it a special event for them. Also special recognition to James Davis at Holly Springs Photography that turned out to get a lot of awesome photos and make them available to us and help guests with their cameras as well.

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:
1. Curtis Smith (Vader)
2. Patrick Lewis (Tie Pilot)
3. Katrina Andrews (Officer)
4. Brian Storey (Gunner)
5. Ron Toland (Officer)
6. Chris Casino (Officer)
7. Gavin Rust (TK)
8. Josh Brackett (TK)
9. Brad Mikulski (Tusken)
10. Carolyn Mikulski (Jawa)

1. Madeline Smith
2. James Davis

Crossover Attendees from the Rebel Legion / R2 Builders Club / Mando Mercs:
1. McKenna Fellows (Ashoka) RL
2. Valerie Smith (Jawa) Galactic Academy
3. Travis Jones (Mando)
4. Rob Mayo (Mando)
5. Mary Kate Roberts (Mando)
6. Wil Wright (Mando)
7. Lucas Vaden (Mando)