March 28 & 29- Brickuniverse 2015 (Raleigh, NC)

This was an AMAZING event. We had a huge table space, displaying many helmets, props, Jawas, Gonk droid, and even a LEGO army diorama on display!

Our greatest success of all at this event was that we raised over $600 for Make a Wish during the 2-day event!

501st Legion Troops in Attendance:

  • Tom Gardner (Wrangler / Table Host)
  • Matt Mascorro (Sandtrooper)
  • Brian Dudas (Clone Commander Blackout)
  • Jerry Sienkiewicz (Darth Vader)
  • Jim Epps (Stormtrooper)
  • Brandon Hurley (Imperial Officer)
  • Austin Tyner (Stormtrooper)
  • Sandie MacLachlan (Juno Eclipse)
  • Andrew Simansky (ARF Trooper)

Rebel Legion members in Attendance:

  • Sandie MacLachlan (ANH Leia)
  • Liz Welsh (ANH Leia / AotC Padme)

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