March 21 & 22- SC ComicCon 2015 (Greenville, SC)

The 2015 SC Comic Con in Greenville SC was beyond impressive most impressive!  This Con has only been around for two years but has the strength of one that has been around for ten.  It had artists, costume contest, collectibles/comic book vendors, panels and more.

The Carolina Garrison raised money for Make A Wish totaling $385.57. So cool!

Large shout out to the the Local Mando Mercs for helping….without them the break down would have been me and Matt . I owe you a bounty of thanks!!

Many thanks to Patrick Walsh TK 56537 (501st) and Luke Kingsbury (Mando) for helping me set up the heavy sets!!

and thanks to all the ones that help tweak and pretty up the set up.
Patrick Walsh
David Jordan
Mandy Jordan
Matt Medford
Cher Lambeth
Luke Kingsbury
Kevin Prahl
Kat Marchant
Ian Curtis
Julia Lucas
Kathleen Schreiner
Amanda Hicklin
(I may have missed a few)

501st Legion Troops in Attendance:

  • Tom Gardner: DZ
  • David Jordan: IC
  • John Talbert: TK
  • Jerry Sienkiewicz: SL
  • Patrick Walsh: TK
  • Mandy Jordan: TI & IC
  • Matthew Medford: TC

Mandalorian Mercs members in Attendance:
Kevin Prahl
Kat Marchant
Ian Curtis
Amanda Hicklin

Rebel Legion members in Attendance:
Michael Jarvis -Jedi

Handlers/table duty helpers:
Susan Mahaffey
Julia Lucas

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