March 26 – 29th Annual Kidsfair (Charleston, SC)

Kids Fair 2017 was to empower, enlighten and educate children and families about health, wellness and education with many interactive activities. There were easily well over 7,000 people in attendance. Many booths promoting from safety, healthy eating and what to do in emergencies to fun activities dealing with animals, riding dinosaurs to fitness with hula-hoops and brain fitness with games of chess. Music and musical performances were played throughout the day to include a Taylor Swift Tribute singer. We were also on the main stage with all the Charleston mascots when Mayor Tecklenburg gave his speech welcoming everyone to Kids Fair 2017. We had a small booth in a high traffic area next to the stage. So no major setup just table cloth and cloth banner, a Death Trooper helmet and E-11 blaster. As usual, Stormtroopers and our Security Officer was a huge hit. No real break from pictures and smiles. Over all it was nonstop fun enjoyed by all right to the very end

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:
1. Stewart Eaker
2. Brad Lee
3. Cort Stayton
4. Chris Prestero

1. Richard Hodgkiss