July 16 – Soundwave Mini-Con (hanahan, SC)

The event was a one-day mini convention split between two separate buildings. This was the second year that this local comic book shop put on the event but the first time the 501st Legion was invited to attend. The main building was setup with booths for local artist and comic book dealers while the second building was designated for panels / presentations and also a room for the 501st to get dressed in.

We loaded into the gym around 9am to setup our table and our new Death Star backdrop (supplied by Rusty Myers). The crowds were pretty steady throughout the day. We took lots of photos with attendees and discussed joining the Legion with many interested people. Some who even have armor already on order and are waiting to get building. Along with our friend, Edward Reed and R2D2, we also had a few others special guests with us during the day. Some local Charleston residents, who are building a BB-8 from scratch with the BB-8 Builders, setup a photo album documenting their BB-8 build process as well as the finished BB-8 head. They also had a 3D printed Rey Blaster that they printed, assembled and painted / weathered. They also brought in their new TFA Millennium Falcon backdrop that we also used to pose for photos in front of.

Around 12:45pm, the 501st Legion and a few members from the Rebel Legion held a joint panel discussing how to join, the armor process and more. This event was also the debut event for our newest member, Ryan McGee. It’s always great seeing a new member experience their first event.

Thanks to JP Morgan for setting up the event as well as leading the 501st panel with Rebel Legion friend, Brad Butler.

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:
1. Jason Boyd (TD)
3. Chris Gould (TB)
4. Taylor Seay (TB)
5. Stuart Eaker (ESB TK)
6. Rusty Myers (ESB TK)
7. Jon Myers (ESB TK)
8. Ryan McGee (ANH TK)

1. Kristine McGee (handler / photographer)

Crossover Attendees from the Rebel Legion / R2 Builders Club:
1. Ellen Myers (Rebel Commando – Rebel Legion)
2. Edward Reed (R2D2 – R2 Builder / Friend of the Garrison)
3. Andrew Huckey & his wife, Lauren Serra-Swords (BB-8 Builders)
4. Jeffrey Lewis (ESB Han Solo – Rebel Legion)

Soundwave001 Soundwave002 Soundwave003 Soundwave004