July 16 – SciWorks Museum Merger (Winston-Salem, NC)

The Carolina Garrison was invited back to SciWorks for our second event of the year. SciWorks, a hands-on science center, allows kids and adults to learn more about Science through interactive exhibits, a planetarium, and an Environmental & Science Park! SciWorks was having a merger celebration. SciWorks of Winston Salem announced that they will be joining forces with the children’s museum of Winston Salem and they will both be moving to a new building in downtown Winston Salem. The garrison was on hand to greet attendees and pose for pictures. SciWorks was very happy with attendance as 540 patrons came out for this special event. This marked Tyler Fosters first official troop and what a great event for him to be his first. We met Tyler back in April at the first SciWorks troop. Tyler works at SciWorks. Now A Carolina Garrison member Tyler was on the other side of the desk and trooping with us. We also had a Carolina Garrison member, Adam Jones come to the event as part of his work as well. Adam Jones is a Winston Salem fireman and he and his station brought out a firetruck for the celebration. He also had his Sandtrooper helmet so we were able to grab a picture with him and the firetruck.

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:
1. Jeremy Pastros – Darth Vader
2. Beth Pastros – Shadow Trooper
3. Tyler Foster – Jawa
4. Brian Dudas – Biker scout
5. Ron Toland – Royal Guard
6. Shanda – TK
7. Mark Sinclar – TK
8. Matt Mascorro – Boba Fett

1. Gene Sinclair – Photographer

SciWorks001 SciWorks002 SciWorks003