Feb. 20 – Carolina Children’s Charity Winterfest 2016 (Mt. Pleasant, SC)

The Empire sent a detachment from the occupation of the Captain’s Expo over to the other side of Patriot’s Point to scope out Mt Pleasant’s Winterfest. This was not a great day for the city to organize an event around man-made snow for family entertainment, given that the high temperature or the day was in the mid 70’s. That didn’t stop people from bringing out their kids to play and sled on the piles of snow, watch snowboarding demos, listen to live music, and play games. Tie Fighter Pilot Jordan Leitner and Biker Scout Chris Gould crossed the small bridge from the resort parking lot to enter the festival and were immediately surrounded by excited Star Wars fans. After an hour and many smiles, our imperial troops had to slip away and get back, but not before being thanked many times by the event organizers.

Troops in attendance:
TB – Chris Gould
TI – Jordan Leitner

winterfest-2016-01 winterfest-2016-02 winterfest-2016-03