Feb. 19 – Carolina Hurricanes Star Wars Night (Raleigh, NC)

This was the first time members of the Carolina Garrison have worked a National Hockey League game, and very exciting. It was a Friday evening game which made our big turnout even more impressive. We had troopers come from the beach and Charlotte.  With all our legal rights successfully waived we entered the bowels of the PNC center, and our changing room called “The Ice Box”. The amazing turnout from Carolina Garrison, Blue Ridge Base and Talon Clan, meant you couldn’t swing a Jawa in there with out hitting a Mando or Rebel. We know, we tried!  We had three stations for photos around concourse.  Stations each had a mixture of characters from the three groups, and the Canes supplied staff for photos and security.   Highlights for the Garrison were having Having Jason’ Fett’ Hill and Darth Luis Revan ride the Olympia ice smoother during the first intermission, and watching David “Tusken” Carta slung across the ice by a giant rubber band, and into a bunch of giant bowling pins, for a strike!

This troop was a real group effort, and special thanks go out too our Rebel and Mando friends, and to Ryan O’Quinn and the Hurricanes staff.
WE earned $1611.00 for Make a Wish, by way of the auctioning of six Hurricanes items during the evening. Supporting Paperwork will be posted and shared as it becomes available.
The Hurricanes are already expressing an interest in making this an annual event!

Troopers in attendance for the CG were…
1.Katrina Andrews-Officer
2.David Carta-Tusken
3.Brandy Carta-Jawa
4.Jason Hill-Boba Fett
5.Luis Coronado-Darth Revan
6.Tyler Wilson-TK
7.Dan Smith-TD
8.Jane Willer-Royal Guard
9.Andrew Rochelle-First Order Stormtrooper
10.Scott Wilmoth-Vader

1.Curtis Smith-Matt
2.Chris Osgoode
3.James Hill
4.George Rochelle
5.Ana Soto

1.Chad Pulliam-Obi wan/Poe
2.Liz Welsh-Rey
3.Kimberley WS-Leia classic
4.Matt Creech-Jedi
5.Damian B-Jedi

1.Tom Hutchens
2.Noah Freeze
4.James Rippe
5.Steve Deleeuw
6.Ramon Santiago
7.Brandon Hurley
8.Blake Taylor

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