Sept. 14 – Florence Comic Con 2014

The 2nd Annual Florence Comic Con has come and gone. This year it grew in size from a small art gallery and took place at the Florence-Darlington Technical College in the brand new (and large) SiMT Building. This was a great venue with lots of space and amenities. The Comic Con started at 10:00am and went until 6:00pm. As the door opening time approached, a large line was forming to get inside. The 501st Legion was given a HUGE space to setup a Blast-A-Trooper to raise funds for Make-A-Wish and also had 3 tables filled with props, helmets, literature, and a few items for con-goers to take for FREE (trading cards, temporary tattoos, etc.). The Florence Comic Con featured an entire convention hall just for comic book vendors and costume contests, Walking Dead zombie cast members signing autographs, as well as a full room of artists and cosplay / fan groups.

The Blast-A-Trooper was a last-minute addition to our Con presence this year but it turned out to work quite nicely. Con-goers loved the idea of shooting at us with NERF guns for a donation. We were able to raise $232 during the 1-day convention.

Thanks to all of the Carolina Garrison member’s who made the early drive from all over on a Sunday morning to make this event epic. We look forward to next year’s Florence Comic Con.

Troopers On Duty:
1) Brian Marchman (TB)
2) Ronnie Boyd (TI)
3) Thomas Gardner (DZ)
4) Jerry Sienkiewicz (SL)
5) Jason Boyd (TD)
6) Brad Lee (TI)

and thank you to our special guest from the Rebel Legion (Blue Ridge Base) – Brad Butler (X-Wing Pilot)

1) Julia Lucas
2) Chris Johnson

Also, thanks to Jerry Sienkiewicz for the use of his great camera!!10359330_10204702810872744_2255043189684371080_n_zpscb48b214 DSC_0127_zps9d962974 DSC_0162_zps434a2537 DSC_0169_zpsc1652f62 DSC_0171_zps43eb6a19 DSC_0172_zps3a605786 DSC_0175_zps8dc3502f DSC_0176_zpsf8072d06 DSC_0190_zps8d068390 DSC_0192_zpsbb02d266 DSC_0202_zpsa47568d3 DSC_0203_zpsbdfa948b DSC_0348_zpsf865144b DSC_0368_zps69c2697cc