Sept 20 Rebel Base 20th Anniversary Charlotte, NC

Lord Vader wanted to know why this Rebel Base was still standing after 20 years….

I reported back to the Dark Lord that it has toooo many cool geek swag to destroy it!!! :wink:

Lord Vader stated after that “impressive most Impressive” I will give you a list of my geek swag needs….

The Carolina Garrison and long with a few Mercs came out to party with Troy and the crew of Rebel Base Comics and Toys for their 20th Anniversary party and sale!!! and we had a galaxy far far away party in the back door of the place!!!

Troy had a huge line of long term customers coming by not just for the sale, but to wish them the best on being in business that long.

20 years is a huuuge milestone for any business. I think Troy’s success is due to great service and always having what the geek needs and a caring cool attitude.

Troy said this was not about the sale, this was to thank everyone that has supported the store for the 20 years and this day was about the fun and to party!!!

So!!! Here is to Troy and all the gang at Rebel base :cheers: May The Force Be With You For Another 20 Years!!

Make A Wish

I would like to thank all the people that donated to Make A Wish at the party!!

The Total was $73 and Rebel Base matched every dollar and kicked in $51.63

Public donations:………….. $73
Rebel Base matching:……… $73
Rebel Base Bonus donation: ..51.63
Total ………………………$197.63

Many thanks Troy on the matching , and the bonus!!! Make A wish is grateful :rock:

Troy also donated several SW artwork for future raffles (the Carolina Garrison thanks you once again) :D

Now to the fun of the anniversary Party and if you missed it, then you missed out an epic time!!! Food, drink, and cool geek swag, plus the Trash Compactor with a cool 501st set up and 1:1 scale Star Wars action figures…wait that’s not Kenner, that us!! LOL :lol:

We also had former Carolina Garrison Co’s stopped in to party… Plus!!! Plus !! The founder of the First 501st European Garrison Pascal Biondi (TB 269)

Epic thanks to the Troopers that came out and trooped and help with the setup and tear down!!

Ken Jordan (Biker Scout)
Jesse Martin (Blackhole Trooper) and second Vader!!! :P
Austin Tyner ( Commander Cody)
Jared Hughes (Mando Merc)
Sam Tyson (Mando Merc)
Tom Gardner (Tusken Raider)

Link to the full photobucket album:

IMG_8021_zpsc7aa54c4 10676300_10204641783905710_1129727237372845136_n IMG_8134_zps07ccbc12 IMG_8128_zps39251816 IMG_8123_zps205a38ae IMG_8116_zps7aea29a1 IMG_8112_zps03fca3a1 IMG_8111_zpsb2e95908 IMG_8108_zpsc8afc55e IMG_8103_zps9e71ca2b IMG_8098_zpsa5369d35 IMG_8091_zps7c1c3e0e IMG_8089_zps7e9cefd2 IMG_8087_zpsfcde878e IMG_8085_zps662764eb IMG_8083_zps6da7a5d8 IMG_8082_zpsf50f99e7 IMG_8077_zps20f56661 IMG_8076_zps0e355a4f IMG_8071_zps673da9d5 IMG_8070_zps0a118110 IMG_8068_zpsa67569ef IMG_8065_zps1a140537 IMG_8064_zps440a4cf3 IMG_8062_zpscb4bd4a3 IMG_8059_zpsdd73999f IMG_8055_zpsea8be254 IMG_8049_zpseb21e9fb IMG_8046_zps11014644 IMG_8045_zps8087a473 IMG_8042_zps6bf537cb IMG_8038_zps5a915f47 IMG_8036_zps09aefc40 IMG_8030_zps553d28d7