Oct. 7 – Star Wars Reads Day (Charleston, SC)

his was a huge event. Over 2000 people attended. We had a large display including the following:

Mandolarian Mercs display area.
Large Photo area with controlled entrance and exit.
At entrance of Photo Area had table displaying blasters and helmets.
First photo area was a scene on Endor with and AT-ST (aka Arty)
Second photo area was where you could take picture with Darth Vader, Skywalker, Royal Guard, Tie-Pilots and many more.

There was also a green screen area and a costume competition.

arolina Garrison Members in Attendance:
1. Shawn Cantey – (Heavy Weapons Trooper)
2. Jason Boyd – (RotJ Royal Guard)
3. Stuart Eaker (RotJ Darth Vader)
4. Ronnie Boyd (TIE Pilot)
5. JP Morgan (TIE Pilot)
6. Chris Gould (RotJ Boba Fett)
7. Chris Prestero (Shadow Trooper)
8. Sheryl Prestero (Stormtrooper)
9. Rusty Myers (Stormtrooper)
10. Taylor Seay (Biker Scout)
11. Alexander Brown (Stormtrooper)

Crossover Attendees from the Rebel Legion / Mando Mercs:
1. Richard Hodgkiss – (Mando Merc)
2. Caroline Boyd – (ANH Ceremonial Leia)
3. Ellen Myers (General Leia)
5. Chad Varn (Jedi Knight)
5. Brad Butler (X-Wing Pilot)
6. Anjel (Mando Merc)