Oct. 22 – Crystal Coast Con (Cape Carteret, NC)

This was the 6th annual Crystal Coast Con held at Mack Daddy’s bowling alley and arcade in Cape Carteret NC. They’ve invited us out every year with a donated table and passes for costumed characters and this was no exception. We were going to be sharing a table for all 3 groups but shortly before the doors opened they gave us an additional table. The Star Wars costuming community had a huge presence this year, especially for such a small con. I’m glad so many came out! The con itself was typical interactions with attendees and lot of posing for photos. We handed out informational flyers and trading cards to some interested people that were familiar with our organization but weren’t aware that we were active in this region. That’s what these things are all about! Hope we have some new recruits soon. Thanks again to everyone that came out!

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:
1. Andy Perry (Darth Nihilus)
2. David Carta (Tusken Raider)
3. Brandy Carta (Jawa)
4. Ernie Ruffin (Boba Fett)
5. Shanda Haddock (Stormtrooper)

1. Amber Perry
2. James Haddock

Crossover Attendees from the Rebel Legion / R2 Builders Club / Mando Mercs:
1. Allyn’dre, Crystal Newman (Mando)
2. Lost Karma, Eric Newman (Mando)
3. Matt Creech (Jedi & Endor Trooper)
4. Chad Pulliam (Obi-Wan)
5. Jane Willer (ROTJ Luke)
6. Damian Bradberry (Jedi)