Nov. 16 – Star Wars Battlefront Midnight Release (Charleston, SC)

Members of the Carolina Garrison, in the N. Charleston sector, attended the midnight release for the new Star Wars Battlefront video game at Best Buy. Upon arrival, @ 10:30pm there were 10-12 anxious attendees waiting to get inside the doors and purchase the game. By the time the evening was over there were around 30+ guests.

The Rebel legion was also in attendance during this evening and setup a booth alongside 501st Legion members. The doors opened to the public @ 11:30pm and fans took pictures, browsed props, signed up for more info about joining the Legion and grabbed their copy of the game. Best Buy had a few great setups featuring merchandise, the new video game, apparel, toys and they even went as far as setting up a 60″ HDTV along with a PS4 and let attendees play the game while they waited in line. At 12:01 am, Best Buy opened their registers and the game was finally available for purchase. It was a really late evening but a great time trooping this midnight launch with some great trooper. Both Imperial and Rebel. Best Buy even handed out limited edition Battlefront patches to the Rebel Legion & 501st members in attendance. I believe we were the only ones to receive them since they had limited quantity.

Garrison Members in Attendance:
1. JP morgan (TI-r)
2. Jason Boyd (TD)
3. Taylor Seay (TB)

Rebel Legion in Attendance:
1. Brad Butler (X-Wing Pilot)
2. Jeffrey Lewis (ESB Han Solo)

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