May 15 – Space & Sci-Fi Day (Winston-Salem, NC)

The Carolina Garrison was invited to attend Space & Sci-Fi day at SciWorks in Winston Salem NC. The Garrison responded by showing up in Force. We had a total of ten troops in attendance. At first the plan was to have us in a small theater for pictures with patrons, however the troops couldn’t be contained and were out on patrol all around the Museum. Lots of Star Wars fans came out to see many of their favorite characters. Troops helped teach children how to fish, care for Tauntauns, solve puzzles, and much more. We were able to find two new recruits that showed interest in joining the Empire.  This was a great troop and everyone in attendance had a blast. We hope that Sci-Works makes this an annual troop.

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:

1. Matt Mascorro – Boba Fett
2. Jeremy Pastros – Darth Vader
3. Beth Pastros – Shadow Trooper
4. Josh Cooper – Hardcase
5. Brian Dudas – Blackout
6. Shanda Haddock – TK
7. Adam Jones- TD
8. Tim Johnson – TK
9. Mark Sinclair – TK
10. Curtis Smith – officer

1. Luann Mascorro
2. Madison Mascorro
3. Leslie Dudas
4. Erik Sinclair- Photographer


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