March 3 – Carolina Garrison Trooping Out Hunger Program (Simpsonville, SC)

Members of the Carolina Garrison (joined by a few Mando Mercs) went out to “Troop out Hunger “ and spread the love of Star Wars in the community. Bi-Lo allowed us to set up and take charity donations for the troop. We raised $88 and half dry & canned goods … we even beat out our local competition (Girl Scouts).

Direct Funds Raised? (Money / Goods raised directly by the Carolina Garrison):

$88+ (34) canned food items, (1) Mac and cheese, (1) stuffing & (1) bag of rice

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:
1. Matthew Cohen (Darth Nihilus)
2. Kevin King (Biker scout)
3. John Wages( Gunner)
4.Kirk Deweil (Darth Vader)

1. Mason C.

Crossover Attendees from the  Mando Mercs:
1. Kathleen Schreiner (Mando Merc)