March 24 – VIP Party for “Best of Charleston 2016” (Charleston, SC)

The Charleston City Paper, the same paper that featured 501st members as the cover story in December 2015, invited us to attend the annual VIP Party for “Best of Charleston” (Charleston City Paper) winners and special guests. This was an exclusive Invitation-Only event featuring: open bar, heavy hors d’ouvres, live music and a “Who’s Who” list of special guests.  The theme for this year’s VIP Party was a Sci-Fi theme. The party was set up like a sci-fi convention (including Star Wars references throughout, Star Trek laser show projected all over the grand ballroom, local artists, etc). This was a 21+ event.

We spent most of the evening outside before the doors opened to the public and posed for pictures in front of a large “red carpet style” backdrop for the party. After an hour and a half of taking pictures with guests, a few of us went inside to walk around the craziness going on inside. It was very loud, very dark and got a little crazy. After plenty of photo-ops, we all suited down in our dressing room and came back down to enjoy the festivities in “civilian” clothes.  Lots of good food and drink were on hand and prepared by various local award-winning Charleston restaurants.  It was a great time overall.

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:
1. Jason Boyd (TD)
2. Chris Gould (TB)
3. Taylor Seay (TB)

Crossover Attendees from the Rebel Legion:
1. Caroline Boyd (Ewok Village Leia – Blue Ridge Base / Rebel Legion)
2. Brad Butler (X-Wing Pilot / Graveyard Squadron CO – Blue Ridge Base / Rebel Legion)

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