March 24 & 25 – SC ComicCon (Greenville, SC)

SC Comicon is the Upstate’s premier comics and pop-culture convention and hosted by Borderlands. Borderlands had invited us(501st/Carolina Garrison)for SC comic con 2018. They provide us with 5 tables and 2 dress out areas. We had a blast at SC many Garrison members came out and we displayed TK LILLY Strong for the world and SCCC to see.
A lot happened on Saturday like: Blast a trooper, Droid hunt and even a Panel on how to join star wars costume groups. We raised $621 on Saturday. On Sunday it was still busy and raised donations for Make a wish- $43.
Cant wait for next year!!

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance(3/24/2018):
Garrison Troopers Attending: (Saturday)
1.Matthew Cohen (Shock Trooper)
2.Bryan Roller(Imperial Officer)
3. Phil Ledford – TK
4.Brandon Keith Pressly (BH71010) Boba Fett -ESB.
5.steven Firestein (TI) Tie Reserve
6.jessi Smith(SL-) Mara Jade
7.Kevin King(TB-) Biker Scout
8.Jordan Leitner(TK) Stormtrooper
9.Kirk Deweil (SL-) ROTJ-Darth Vader
11.Drew Menard(TK-10331)Stormtrooper
12.Anthony Conte-TI/TK/IG/IS/DZ/IC-28803
13. Amanda Fryer (TK)
14.JP Morgan ( Tusken)
15. Jennefer Dawson-(FemTK-)
16. Chris Wallace (snow trooper)
17. Jason Hill( Tie Fighter Pilot)
18.Will Taylor (Navy Trooper )
19.John wages (Gunner)
20.Shannon Cromer-TK
21. Todd Miller – TI
22. Jennifer Miller – TK
23. Andrew Lindley – TI
24. Cheryln Lambert -TK
25.Cory Wilson-Shadow Guard

1. Mason Cohen (handler/photos)
2. Grayson Deweil (GA)(imperial officer)
3.jackie Taylor
4.Andrew Catterton(CG recruit)
5. Kaden Deweil
6. Jada Hope

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance(3/25/2018):
1.Matthew Cohen (SL-10835) Darth Nihilus
2.Brandon Keith Pressley (BH71010) Boba Fett
3.Brendan Cohen(Galactic Academy)
4.Steven Firestein
5. Jennefer Dawson-TK-42287
6. John wages
7. Kevin King
8. Chris Wallace
9. Corey Wilson
10. Nate Wilson (Galactic Academy)
11. JosieWilson (Galactic Academy)
12. Andy Lane (TK)

1. Mason C. (photos)
2.Becky Cohen
3.Andrew Lane
4. Gabi Loudermilk

Crossover Attendees from the Rebel Legion / R2 Builders Club / Mando Mercs:
1. Rebecca Berger
2. Brendan Cohen(Galactic Academy-Jedi Padawan)
3. Genesis Garza (Jedi)
4. Cory Smith (Luke)
5. Cheryln Lambert (Endor Leia)(Sunday)

1.Kathleen Schreiner
2.Kevin Prahl
3.Ramon Santiago
4.Juan Santiago
5. Luke Kingsbury
6. Ian Curtis
7.Tom Hutchens
8. Joel Bishop
9. Kristen Rabon
10. Alex Bryd
11. Bethany Benton
12. Chris Gould

Mando Handlers:
Jon Burrell
Leia Shonk

1. Andy Lane
2.Leann Lane
3. Sterling Reid
4.Mike Cummins-(Saturday Only)