June 3 – Nighttime at the Museum (Charleston, SC)

The annual Nighttime at the Museum event has come and gone and was a blast for everyone in attendance. The evening is an event put on by The Charleston Museum to help celebrate the end of the school year for kids. Families wander the large 2-story museum with flashlights and discover how history comes to life in the dark! Nighttime at the Museum features costumed re-enactors portraying Revolutionary War, Charleston pirates, and men and women from other historical eras, special displays, an exciting scavenger hunt throughout the museum, crafts, and fun demonstrations.

Of course, the Carolina Garrison was invited back for the second year in a row. This year, we decided to really bring a fantastic display of helmets, props, 501st literature and the premiere of a new 8′-0″x12′-0″ Death Star hallway backdrop. This may have been one of our best table display setups in the Charleston-area. We really are getting a great assortment f helmets and props to bring Star Wars to the public along with our appearance. We were given a very spacious and air-conditioned dressing room and our 501st display table was given one of the best spots in the museum. We were the first thing you saw when visitors walked in. The kids (and parents alike) were blown away by all of the white armor we had roaming around. Seeing kids light up with smiles on their faces was great. This was also the first troop that CG member, Stuart Eaker, debuted his ESB TK armor in public since getting it approved. Also, thanks to new CG member, John Wages, for driving down from Clinton, SC to troop this event as well. Always great to see new faces.

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:
1. Jason Boyd (Tusken Raider)
2. Rusty Myers (ESB Stormtrooper)
3. Jon Myers (ESB Stormtrooper)
4. Stuart Eaker (ESB Stormtrooper)
5. JP Morgan (Imperial Crewman)
6. Caroline Boyd (Staff Officer)
7. Taylor Seay (Biker Scout)
8. John Wages (181st TIE Pilot)
9. Chris Gould (Biker Scout)
10. Ellen Myers (AT-ST Driver)

Crossover Attendees from the Rebel Legion
1. Jeffrey Lewis (ESB Han Solo / Rebel Legion)
2. Brad Butler (X-Wing Pilot / Graveyard Squadron CO – Rebel Legion)

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