June 25 – Make A Wish Assistance (Myrtle Beach, SC)

Make a Wish – South Carolina contacted the Carolina Garrison for assistance with a Make a Wish recipient who was arriving at Myrtle Beach Airport. The hero of the event was Salvador, who is 12 years old and was arriving with his family from Pennsylvania. We arrived at the airport early to meet with Horry County police and the Make a Wish group. The flight was delayed so we spent a little extra time talking about nerdy stuff.

Ever wonder how to get past TSA really fast? Dress up like a Star Wars character and have the police say, “they’re with us”…we were escorted directly to the arrival gate. As you can imagine our travels through the airport generated a lot of interest. We stopped for a few photos along the way and then waited at the gate for the flight to arrive. The plane emptied with the exception of Salvador and his family. Salvador as given a tour of the cockpit and met with the pilots. Little did he know that the tallest Tie Pilot in the Empire would be squeezing onto the flight deck with him to provide some aviation assistance. Once the post flight check was complete Salvador was able to leave the plane for a hero’s welcome. He was met on the airplane ramp thing by Jeff and Tom – a proper arrest was made for a week of fun in Myrtle Beach. Once we arrived at the top of the ramp he was welcomed by thunderous applause, and what I estimate to be over 100 people, all cheering and taking photos. We escorted Salvador and the family through the terminal and took photos along the way. There was a professional photographer on scene – we are awaiting those photos. Below are a few we took. We turned Salvador over to the Horry County police who gave him and the family a police escort to the resort.

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:
1. Jeff Miller – TD
2. Frankie Gore – TI
3. Tom Tilmon – SL

1. Christine Miller
2. Johnathan (Frankie Gore’s Helper)