June 18 – ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Concert (Greensboro, NC)

This concert was held at an outdoor venue. We were hoping for good weather and we got it. No rain and the high was 83 degrees. Most all troopers arrived around 5PM. We were escorted to the backstage area and we had quite a setup. A private area with couches and plenty of tables would make up our dressing room. Brian and Leslie Dudas brought quite a spread to feed the troops, Krispy Kreme donuts, fruit, pimento cheese, and buttery smooth crackers just to name some of the food they provided. As we munched on the food the Dudas’s brought, Weird Al’s people came in with six large Pizzas. Al’s people also had a cooler of water for us as well. A little after 6PM the stage manager came and took us on stage for instruction on what we were to do for our on stage performance. After instruction we were given performance passes and were told to be dressed and at the backstage door no later than 9:35. The performance passes would get us into the concert so we could enjoy some of the show before we had to get dressed. We were able to sit in two box seat areas and enjoy a portion of the show. We all got dressed and were at the backstage door by 9:35. Then it was on stage for our big performance to “The Saga Begins”. After our routine on stage we were asked to remain in costume until the concert was over. After the concert we stood behind Weird Al while he signed autographs for VIP fans. They wanted the VIP fans to have an epic photo of not only Weird AL himself, but the 501st as well. After the VIP photos we had our own private photo opportunity with Weird AL and autograph session. But wait there’s more. The icing on the cake….. Weird AL had patches made for all troopers who attended the concert. When we all got packed up and dressed it was around 11:35. This was an awesome troop. We were treated like stars the whole time.

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:
1. Jeremy P – Darth Vader
2. Shane A – TK ( Weird Al Head rest)
3. Austin T – TK
4. Adam J – TD
5. Josh C – Hardcase
6. Brian D – Biker Scout
7. Curtis S – Tusken
8. Matt M – Boba Fett

1. Ashleigh C
2. Leslie D
3. LuAnn M
4. Madison M

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