June 11 – Triangle VisionWalk (Raleigh, NC)

This Annual event raises funds to support research into curing various types of blindness and the diseases that cause them. We attended this event in the past and the organizers were excited to have us back. It was mostly a mingle and photo op event. Members also lined up to give high-fives to participants at the start of the race. I personally got the chance to meet a few vision impaired kids, that enjoyed the chance to feel what a Tusken Raider was, while their adult companion described me too them. We all had a good time despite the scorching heat.

Indirect Funds Raised (Total money raised by event):
$106,000 raised by this event to support research to cure blindness.

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:
1. Curtis Smith – Tusken
2. Kat Andrews – Officer
3. Dan Smith – TD
4. Jim Epps – TK
5. Tim Johnson – TK
6. Ron To – Royal Guard
7. Brandon Hurley – Officer

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