July 8 – Wilmington Sharks Star Wars Night (Wilmington,NC)

Star Wars Night at the “Shark Tank”, home of the Wilmington Sharks.  It was 95 degrees and sunny at game time. Once the sun went below the trees it felt a bit cooler. We did have a large dressing room with A/C and complimentary food and drinks. The team had Star Wars music and sound effects going all night, which really helped the ambiance. The crowd was very enthusiastic and we received so many “thank you”s it was heartwarming. A huge “thanks!” to Audie and Josh for staying at the table the whole time and for Josh and Jewel for taking the terrific pictures. This will become an annual event. We rooted for the home team and they won! Behold, the power of the Dark Side!

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:
1. Mark Sinclair (TK)
2. Tom Tilmon (Kylo Ren)
3. Forrest Elge (Deathtrooper)
4. Carlton Gray (TK)
5. Robert Lentz (TK)
6. Joel Mathre (TIE Pilot)
7. Andy Perry (Tusken)
8. Amber Perry (181st TIE Pilot).

Handlers & Photographers:
1. Audie Mathre
2. Jewel Ingraham
3. Josh Collins