Jan. 25 – SC Stingrays Star Wars Night (Charleston, SC)

This was the 3rd appearance for the Carolina Garrison for Star Wars Day with the SC Stingrays. They had a few fun events planned for us throughout the game. Our Rebel Pilot guest did the puck drop at the beginning of the hockey game. He also played goalie opposite the Empire’s Tie Pilot with teams of children playing “broom ball” in the first intermission. For the second intermission, Taylor and Chris did a 2-lap race on over-sized tricycles that left them exhausted.

While the game was going on, we appeared near our 501st Legion display / table for photo ops and to interact with fans.  We were consistently busy taking pictures and talking up the legion.

501st Troops in Attendance:

  • Jason Boyd (Sandtrooper)
  • Ronnie Boyd (TIE Pilot)
  • Chris Gould (Biker Scout)
  • Taylor Seay (Biker Scout)

Rebel Legion / R2 Builder’s Club members in Attendance:

  • Brad Butler (X-Wing Pilot / Rebel Legion member)
  • Edward Reed (R2D2 owner / “driver”)

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