Jan. 14 – Carolina Hurricanes Star Wars Night (Raleigh, NC)

On January 14, 2017, the Carolina Garrison, Blue Ridge Base, and Talon Clan descended on PNC arena in Raleigh NC, for Star Wars Night 2017. After most all of the members arrived and checked in at the security guard gate, we headed inside the arena to start the process of getting dressed. The dressing room was called “The Ice Box” and was quite small for a group of our size. After everyone was almost dressed, our Hurricanes point of contact went over a few items for the night and passed out a sheet that broke down meet and greet stations for members and handlers around the arena. Not only was the turn out from our three groups impressive (37), but the turn out of fans was equally impressive (Attendance: 16,640 (88.8% full). At our meet and greet stations, the Staff had small Queues set up and security at the stations. Long lines formed to see the many Star Wars characters that were on hand. The Hurricanes also requested that Darth Vader (Jeremy Pastros) and Boba Fett (Jason Hill) ring the Siren to welcome the team to the Ice during the first and third period. The Hurricanes also had our sitting TK (Shanda Haddock) and Jawa (Tyler Foster) ride the Olympia during intermission to clean the ice. We had one trooper go missing in action after the game. TS (Matthew Rodgers) was recovered safe and sound after many photo ops from the large crowd leaving the arena. A small group went to the Carolina Ale house after the game for post troop dinner. All and all it was a great troop and a chance to see old friends and meet new ones. The Hurricanes are already planning next years event.

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:
1. Matt Mascorro – clone trooper Tup
2. Josh Cooper – clone trooper Hardcase
3. Shanda Haddock – stormtrooper
4.Mark Sinclair – stormtrooper
5. Brian Dudas – Clone Commander Blackout
6. Tyler Wison – stormtrooper
7. Ronnie Sloan – snow trooper scout
8. Jason Hill – Boba Fett
9. Ron Toland – Tie pilot reserve
10. Jeremy Pastros – Darth Vader
11. Beth Dixon – shadow trooper
12. Brian Storey – Imperial gunner
13. Frankie Gore – Tie pilot reserve
14. Tim Johnson – Stormtrooper
15. Ernie Ruffin – Jango Fett
16. Tyler Foster – Jawa
17. Luis Coronado – Darth Revan
18. Steve Delew – Darth Maul
19. Michael Beaupre – snowtrooper
20. James Haddock – stormtrooper
21. Matthew Rodgers – snowtrooper

1. Scott Sawyer
2. Jocelyn Beaupre
3. Michael Morris
4. Barbara Sacchitello
5. Adam Dickenson
6. Kai Reniker
7. Triston Blakely

1. Andrew David Cox
2. Michelle Sanchez
3 Mark Sinclair – pre game photos

Crossover Attendees from the Rebel Legion / R2 Builders Club / Mando Mercs:
1. Sarah Townsend – Rey
2. Brandy Carta-Jawa
3. Liz Welsh- Leia (Empire Strikes Back Hoth version) not classic Hair Bun Leia
4. Pam Greeson-Jedi
5. Sandie Maclachlan-Juno
6. Chad Pulliam – Hoth Pilot / Obi Wan (Jedi)
7. Mckenna Fellows-Ahsoka (Jedi)
8. Matt Creech-Jedi
9. Monica Jones-Mon Mothma (Senator / Rebel Commander)
10.Jane Willer-Luke Skywalker (ROTJ) (Jedi)
11. Damian Bradberry-Jedi
12. Stephanie – Ewok

R2D2 Builders Club
1. Bryan Reniker- R2-D2

Galactic Academy
1. Elle Creech – Sabine
2. Wyatt Creech-Padawan Jedi

RL Handlers
1. Theresa Mensah-Photographer / Handler
2. James Townsend
3. Kimberly Creech

Mando Mercs
1. Brandon Hurley
2. David Carta