Southpark LEGO Store

Registration Deadline: May 02, 2024
4400 Sharon Rd
4400 Sharon Road
Charlotte, NC 28211

6 thoughts on “Southpark LEGO Store

  1. For those listed as interested, can anyone confirm if they will attend and/or reach out to the site to confirm. The event organizer is asking if we know if anyone will be attending. Thanks.

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  2. I wll be there. I have signed up with my TK and if I don’t have time to fix the old strapping on it, I will wear my Sandy. My wife will be there as a handler. She has experience from many past events when I was a garrison event coordinator.

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  3. I will be there on Sunday – Mary Mac is great and they are always nice to us at this event!

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    1. What time are you arriving? I will plan accordingly.

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  4. My wife and I will be there around 11 AM today.

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    1. I should be there just after 11 as well

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