HeroesCon 2024

Registration Deadline: June 11, 2024 (19 days)
501 S College St
501 South College Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

6 thoughts on “HeroesCon 2024

  1. Elizabeth will help as handler & my son Colby will be troop with Capt Vaughn (Galactic Academy) both days

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  2. My husband will help has a handler and our toddler will be there as a Sith (galactic academy)

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  3. I’ll be be attending most likely all days or at least Saturday and Sunday. I’ll try and help with setup or at the very least tare down on Sunday.
    As I mentioned to Cher, I just don’t know what it might look like with potentially starting a new job and such so I don’t want to guarantee anything and not be able to deliver.

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  4. I am trying to cancel Handler for Saturday and sign up as Armorer but it won’t cancel for some reason.

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    1. Odd. If you click on the remove button next to your sign up for handler is it not doing anything? Is the remove button showing?

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  5. Here’s the link to join the FB Chat!


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