Durham Bulls Star Wars Night 2024

LFL Approved Event

Registration Deadline: April 20, 2024
409 Blackwell St
409 Blackwell Street
Durham, NC 27701

33 thoughts on “Durham Bulls Star Wars Night 2024

  1. Since 501st will probably be POC. Mando Mercs has 2.
    Rebecca Costa – Mercs
    Jeffery Costa – Handler

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    1. Thank you for the update!

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  2. Put myself down as the Emperor and Kat as Bridge Crew

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    1. To reserve your spot, you will both need to add yourselves as attending.

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      1. Where do you do that?

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        1. Right now we are at capacity so registrations are closed. I can put you on the backup list if additional spots open up or someone cancels.

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        2. There will probably be some extra spots if the Mandos don’t use all of theirs.

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          1. Put myself and Kat down. Me as Palpatine and her as bridge crew.
            What’s weird is that I submitted this request before anyone else had signed up. Where did all these names come from?

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          2. Looks like we had a configuration issue. Didn’t know that you had to have it set to list all of your costumes in your profile and then use a dropdown tab when signing up. All we could see was “handler” every time we tried to sign up for a troop.

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          3. Sorry about the confusion unfortunately we can’t manually add someone to the list like used to be able

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  3. Also, my wife Tricia will be coming as a handler, she does not have a login yet to sign up as a handler.

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  4. Can I be added as a backup please? Thanks!

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  5. @draceolen if you are going to be there as a rebel pilot you need to sign up on the Blue Ridge Base forums. We split the spots among us and this sign up is for Garrison costumes only. Please remove yourself from our roster and sign up with RL. This helps us avoid duplicate signups

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  6. I see that registration is closed, but I’d like to be added as a handler if that is possible. Also, I’d like to be added to the backup list as a jawa! :)

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    1. I’ll add you to the handlers list that I send to the organizer. I also have you on the backup list as a Jawa

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      1. Thanks!!!

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  7. I’d like to be put in as a backup if possible. Or my son could dress & I can help as a handler

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  8. Do we need to buy tickets or do they have them for us?

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    1. Handlers and characters do not need tickets.

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  9. Interested in being a backup as ESB Boba Fett if more slots open up.


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  10. Laura, Lexi, and I had dropped for Fayetteville Comic Con and since that’s now cancelled, if spots open up here we’d like to sign up. I know we’d be far down on the wait list, but thought I’d throw that out there just in case. Thanks!

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    1. Not going to make it out…you all have a great showing and strength in numbers!! For the Empire!

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  11. Okay everyone, as wee approach the big day, I have some finalized numbers and slots for us. Below is the list of all of those that are attending.
    Juli Spata
    Steven Tell
    James Seay
    Scott Dominick
    T Johnson
    J Hurley
    Tom Green
    Trevor Peters
    Maddie Cloniger
    Lee Aldrich
    Logan Hill
    Kierra Hill
    Joel Crawford-Smith
    W Lott
    M Henry
    Kat Andrews
    Brad Mikulskis
    Thor Nualsumlee
    S Eccher
    Chris Casino
    Lexi Casino
    Laura Casino
    Olivia Dominick
    A Jones

    Jen Bowden
    Sarah T

    R Evans and J Cole if you would like to attend, there is space for you. Please reply to let me know if you plan on coming.

    Registration for this event was closed a while ago, but it was recently brought to my attention that this feature of the website may not currently be working. If you are not on the list in this comment, then you are not approved to attend. Please reach out to me directly if you have questions or concerns. The RL and MM have their own signups and have been included in the final numbers and registration is now closed with all groups.

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  12. I’m going to be out of the state that weekend for a business trip for my wife, so I’m going to have to bow out :(

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  13. If someone backs out and there is an opening I would be willing to fill in form them.

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    1. We have a spot. I’ll send your name over

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  14. Not going to be able to make this troop.

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  15. Unfortunately things have changed for me this weekend and I won’t be able to make this trip either.

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  16. Is there a designated area we park at to minimize how far we have to lug our costumes?

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  17. Parking is wherever you can find but we always park in the parking garage just past the stadium. It’s pretty close. Met at the vip entrance. Just tell a security guard you’re with us and they will call someone to walk you in

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    1. I know exactly where that parking garage is. I’m not sure where the VIP gate. Been to the stadium many times so I’m familiar with that area, just never been to the vip gate

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  18. It’s right next to the main entrance where the elevators are

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  19. I’ve been looking foward tonthis for months but I can’t make it tonight due to sever food poisoning and can barely move. Have fun everyone

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