Cape Fear Fandom Faire

Registration Deadline: May 10, 2024
1241 Military Cutoff Rd
1241 Military Cutoff Road
Wilmington, NC 28405

5 thoughts on “Cape Fear Fandom Faire

  1. :stormtrooper:

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  2. I will b there trooping and my wife can handle. She will have the droids.

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  3. If I can make it I will bring TIE, R2, and X-Wing

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  4. I plan to start as the wampa and switch to shadow guard after a few hours

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  5. Please note that the below was just sent to me for this event. Thanks.

    MAP: [img][/img]

    “Less than a week to go before Fandom Faire! Here is some logistical information.

    I’ve attached a photo of the library property and annotated it with parking and entrances for load-in/out. The RED lines denote areas that you cannot park in. Do not park in anything designated for Board of Elections drive-up voting. The blue lines denote areas where it’s fine to park. Blue Xs are entrances.
    The following vendors should enter via the BACK entrance as it is closer to your table assignments:
    501st/Rebel Legion
    One Stop Dragon Shop
    Retro Revival
    Retro Rewind
    Starving Writer’s Guild
    Right to Left, LLC
    All other vendors may enter through the front entrance.
    You may begin bringing items in at 8AM.
    Water and light snacks will be provided. Sunset Slush food truck will be in the parking lot as well.
    As previously mentioned, we are not set up in the room we’ve used in previous years as it is currently being used for a secondary primary. Your tables will be set up in the lobby and inside the library proper. Some tables are away from the walls and people can walk behind you. I know that’s not ideal, but we are quite limited on space. I apologize in advance.
    All tables are provided by the library. You will receive two chairs per table.
    If you opted to donate a door prize, please bring that to a staff member before 10am.
    If you opted to be on a panel, you’ll be receiving another email from me.
    If you need to change into/out of a costume, there will be a locked room where you can do so.
    We have free wifi. The network is NHC_public_wifi and there is no password.

    If you have any other questions leading up to the event, please feel free to email me.

    Thank you all so much for supporting Fandom Faire! See you Saturday!


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