UNC Children’s Hospital

101 Manning Dr
101 Manning Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

14 thoughts on “UNC Children’s Hospital

  1. Kinda sad that this was 501st only, would like to have trooped as Gungi or Chewbacca which I think would have been better for kids. :(

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    1. So, since they limited it to only 4 to 5, I choose not to share with the other groups because it’s too much a hassle coordinating making sure no more than 5 total showed up.
      If you want RL trooping credit, you can share this event information with RL just let them know it’s full, but then you can troop as RL.
      Sometimes, when it’s a small troop (5 or less), it’s just easier, and less stress, to keep it in house.
      I’ve listed you as tentative for RL however, but closed sign ups so no one else can sign up as they said they can’t handle any more than 5.

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  2. I wish they would allow more than three I would have loved to go

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    1. Your wish is my command! Increased total to 4 as Sarah, the event coordinator, confirmed that was acceptable and they’d have the room!

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      1. I’d love to attend this one as well. From reading the comments, I see they already increased the total to 4. If the hospital would like one more character, or if someone already scheduled can’t make it for some reason, I will attend.

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  3. Put me down as interested and back-up…can’t choose the option.

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  4. Ditto to TI53197…I’m in if they can accommodate for additional characters to attend. Completely understand if they cannot.

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  5. Hello all. As of this time UNC, confirmed they don’t have the room for any more hence this troop is full at this time unless someone drops. Thanks.

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  6. I would love to be a back up if available. SL-25259 Darth Vader

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  7. Updating the list of backups.

    Confirmed going:
    1. SL24001 (J Seay) – ESB VADER
    2. 25276 (M Cloniger) – MW – Bo-Katan: The Mandalorian (Season 2)
    3. TK-41296 (B Cloniger) – SL – Vader: RoTJ
    4. TI53197 (S Dominick) – null

    Back-up list:
    1. Steven Tell
    2. J Cole
    3. B. Cook

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  8. Do you want a handler for this event?
    Also looks like we have two Vaders showing up?

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  9. Very interested in a backup as ESB Boba Fett is spaces become available


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  10. With all the website updates, it allowed be to choose “attending”. Respecting that it may be full and the previous comment had a wait list, just know that I am still looking to attend, if space is available.

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  11. I cannot make this event…remove me from wait list and attending. Thanks.

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