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      NEWB ALERT: I saw some touch a truck events in the event list and I see that there is one in my area.

      Is it allowed for me to reach out and see if they want to host us? Is there a form or script that needs to be shared?

      Please forgive my ignorance. I like the idea of attending a local touch a truck event

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      Hello. No worries… so there are 2 options…

      The first is they can request us to come to their event by providing the request here:

      Or, if you know them and have talked to them, and they give you the details, you can request it here on their behalf (works best if you’ll be the Point of Contact for the event):

      Hope that helps :) If you have any other questions just let us know.


      Best Regards,
      Chris Casino

      Garrison Events Coordinator (GEC)

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      thank you

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