Feb 25-26 / 9th Annual Capt.’s Comics Expo (Mt. Pleasant, SC)

Captain’s Comics and Toys presented the 9th Annual Captain’s Comic & Toy Expo and had us back as a big guest for the 5th year in a row. The Captain’s Comic & Toy Expo is Charleston, SC’s largest comic book and pop culture convention. Two full days of comics, toys, art, costuming, special guests, and more!

Promotions for this event really amped up the week prior to the event. Just a few days before, Shawn Cantey and myself appeared on the News4 Lowcountry Live morning show to appear in armor with Captain’s Comic owner, Mike Campbell. Although it was only a 2 minute TV appearance, it was still fun.

Friday was the BIG load-in for all vendors and our HUGE display. This was the biggest display we have ever done in the Charleston-area. We had a plethora of helmets, props, 501st literature, Rebel Legion table, Mando Merc table and (4) large backdrops for photo ops including our newest member to this area, “Arty” the AT-ST which appeared on our award-winning Christmas float back in December 2016.

Saturday was filled with a line of guests browsing the props and helmets and lining up to have their pictures taken with the 501st Legion and R2D2 and BB-8 from the Droid Builders Club. R2D2 has been a staple in this area for 4-5 years now, but we recently had a few new local Droid Builders members construct a full scale BB-8 with sounds and working lights. He is static at this time but by the end of the summer he will be able to roll around and move his head.

Sunday continued with the photo ops but we scaled the display down to half the size it was on Saturday to make way for the cosplay contest int he afternoon.

The event helped benefit the Lowcountry Orphan Relief.  This 501c organization provides clothing and basic necessities to children and teens who are displaced from their homes. They work with thousands of children each year to make the loss of a home an easier transition.  Over $700 were raised during the 2-day event.

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:
1. Jason Boyd (AT-AT Driver)
2. Taylor Seay (Biker Scout)
3. Shawn Cantey (Heavy Weapons Trooper)
4. Andrew Wendt (Shadow Trooper)
5. Stuart Eaker (Stormtrooper)
6. Alex Brown (Stormtrooper)
7. Chris Prestero (Shadow Trooper)
8. Rusty Myers ((Stormtrooper)/ Imperial Officer)
9. Jon Myers (Stormtrooper)
10. Ryan McGee (Stormtrooper)
11. JP Morgan (Tusken Raider / TIE Reserve)
12. Ronnie Boyd (TIE Pilot)
13. Frankie Gore (TIE Pilot)
14. Sheryl Prestero (Stormtrooper)
15. Jon Cabaniss (Stormtrooper)
16. Michael Beaupre (Snowtrooper)

1. Kristine McGee
2. Jocelyn Beaupre
3. Brooklyn Cantey
4. Marty Harkin
5. Cathy Cabaniss
6. Ryan Busch

Crossover Attendees from the Rebel Legion / R2 Builders Club / Mando Mercs:
1. Andrew and Laura Huckey (BB-8)
2. Edward Reed (R2D2)
3. Brad Butler (X-Wing Pilot)
4. Chris Gould (Mando Merc)
5. Ellen Myers (Endor Rebel Commando)