Aug. 9 – ‘Weird Al’ Concert (N. Charleston, SC)

‘Weird Al’ Yankovic visited N. Charleston, SC on August 9 during his Mandatory Fun Tour. Per usual, ‘Weird Al’ invited the 501st Legion out to join him and his band on stage for the show ending song, “The Saga Begins”. This was a great time. We arrived during soundcheck and got to chat with ‘Weird Al’ as he walked back to his dressing room for a few minutes. The production manager treated us like royalty. We were given a HUGE dressing room w/ 3 bathrooms, catered with delicious pizza, lots of cold water, and were also given Performance Access badges to wear. It was great having access to the whole venue during the concert and being able go anywhere we wanted to before we had to suit up and go out on stage. Such a fun experience in the books.

Troopers Attending:
1. Jason Boyd (TD)
2. Jeff Miller (TD)
3. Taylor Seay (TB)
4. Chris Gould (TB)

Special Thanks to our Handlers / Photographers for the evening:
1. Caroline Boyd (Handler)
2. Stacey Boyette (Video)
3. Kevin Seay (Secondary photographer and videographer)
4) Mike Heisler – Wrangler/Photographer


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