Aug 9 -“Page to Screen” Barnes & Noble (Cary)

Barnes and Noble get pop culture event in Cary NC felt the force once again, despite the rain. As Vader made his way threw the store with a couple of Tk’s watching his back, everyone could feel his presence. Officer’s were patrolling the area just is case someone got out of hand, then they would report back to the TK’s were Vader would contact Boba Fett to take the bounty. But everyone stayed calm and nothing broke out. It must have been the lone snowtrooper that was making everyone confused. The force was strong, so all in all a good day. Thanks to all who came out to troop and also thanks to Anna Mitchell from Virginia for coming down to troop with us.

Fernando – Vader
Sandie Juno
Anna Mitchell – officer
Carolyn Officer
Brett -Tk
Tyler Wilson- Tk
Joshua Kempo-Tk
Matthew Roger- snowtrooper
Ernie- Boba Fett2014-08-09145647-Copy_zps7321a8ac 2014-08-09151046-Copy_zpsff73c7f4 2014-08-09151503_zpsaa1b4d88