Aug 30-31 Cosplay America Con (Raleigh)

Troopers from the Carolina Garrison met at the 2014 Cosplay America convention in Raleigh NC. We were invited to do two panels about the 501st, two photo-shoots and we were treated like rock stars!

501st approved costumes members:
Jon McClay // Boba Fett
Ernie Ruffin // Boba Fett
Brandon Hurley // Imperial Officer
Austin Tyner // Commander Cody
Seth Bosecker // TK
Brian Dudas // Blackout
Andrew Simansky // multiple Animated Clones :shock:
Will Highsmith // Imperial Gunner
Jason Hill // Tusken Raider

Jason was only there for a brief time so I don’t have a picture yet of him but I’m sure we can get a hold of them soon!IMG_6568_zpsa639d846 IMG_6570_zpsc6eec6f8 IMG_6576_zps31621f9f IMG_6578_zps0a659654