Aug. 22 – CPD Family Fun Day (Charleston, SC)

Three troopers reported to the Charleston Police Dept. Family Fun Day at Brittlebank Park in Downtown Charleston on August 22.  There, we interacted with members of the local constabulary and their families as well as a number of citizens who were visiting. In addition, we procured an ancient transport system which worked well for a while, but as is often the case in these backwater worlds, it broke down and had to be pushed.

A beautiful morning turned into a rain soaked take down and our biker scout had no choice but to ride home in the rain on his speeder bike. Fortunately no trees were encountered. In addition, a TK tournament involving a local game called “CORN HOLE” resulted in a score of 0:0 between TK65901 and TK65900. Ultimately the decision was that since TK65901 actually hit the wood of the goal he was declared the “winner”… (due to this amazing accuracy he also qualified as TK:Sniper.) The locals were mollified and the event was as fun as an occupation force could make it.

501st Troopers in Attendance:

TB11110 (Chris Gould)

TK65900 (Rusty Myers)

TK65901 (Jon Myers)


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