Oct 5th SupahPop Con, Columbia, SC

Hey gang,
A little late getting the report in. What I assumed would be a sad, half-informed attempt by the local comic shop owner to stage an ill-fated show actually turned out to be a nice little baby-con. About 1500 people turned up by Chris Foss’ account and all vendors, performers, and attendees seemed very positive in their feedback. Digging out what I could to dress up the table worked out okay, we had 1/3 of the world-traveling Rose Parade Lego diorama on display, as well as stuff from the archives. I was thrilled to see some of my CG homies there, rocking it like professionals. Vader and the troopers were a hit with the fans and did a great job representing the Legion and the CG. On a side note, we got the word out about R2-KT, the CG, and the Galactic Academy and sales of the patches totaled $105 for charity (not a big haul, but better than doing nothing) split between the Give Kids the World Village, Make-A-Wish, and UNICEF. It was an honor to sit with comic book legend Roy Thomas, who talked at length about his role in bringing Star Wars to Marvel. I wish they’d done a recording of the interview, it was very educational and I’m happy to share details with anyone next time we’re in orbit over pub glasses.

Thank you all for a great effort in helping establish a convention in Columbia, SC. I felt very proud introducing my fellow troopers to the locals. This is a great start in establishing a show here in town and as Jason and I talked about it we hope we can really build more activities for us to attend.

And sorry KT wasn’t there -but the good news is I received an email from Make-A-Wish the night before the show that KT is done with her project and heading home. Ironic it was just short of her being here for SupahPop but the good news is we’ll have her back for any troopers leading into the holidays!

Thank you everyone, it was very cool to troop at this show. 18 years ago they tried to hold a show at the Shriner’s Temple the weekend Peter Mayhew came to town. Tom and I couldn’t make it, so I feel like I finally redeemed myself almost two decades later :)

Rock on

AL (Tk210)

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